Shoreview Historical Society

Heritage Family Recognition

The Shoreview Historical Society selects an individual or family that best exemplifies longterm service and involvement to the betterment of the Shoreview community.
2019 - Herb and June Radmann:  They built a home on Turtle Lake 60 years ago,and raised their children in Shoreview.  Their famiy now numbers 55, and 28 have graduated from Moundsview.
2018 - Sven and Charlotte Lundberg:  These Swedish immigrants moved to the Snail Lake area in 1906.  They raised eight children and their farm stayed in the family until 1978.
2017 - Dr. Bert R. Larson and Dr. Eva-Jane Ostergren Larson:  The family has made its home on Turtle Lake for many generations in a specially built stone house. The house was built in 1930 by Olaf Swenson,  Eva-Jane's great grandfather.  Eva-Jane was a local physician, and Burt R. was a local dentist.
2015 - Hans Eric and Louise Nord: Hans was born in sweden and came with his parents to this area in 1893.  He married Louise, whose family had a neighboring farm, and had come to the US in 1872
2014 - Cyril and Agnes DeMars:  The family came from Canada and their ancestors are traced back to France.  They spent their early days in the Shoreview area as farmers. They were the third generation to live in Ramsey County. 
2013 - Lawrene and Michalene Trojanowski:  The family immigrated from Poland and came to the Shoreview area in the 1890's. 
2012  - Hugh and Alma Cunningham:  The family moved here from Wisonsin in the 1930's.  They first lived in a railway station house, since Hugh was a railway employee.  There are now more than 80 blood relatives living in the area.
2011 - Thomas and Anna Schifsky: The Schifsky family first farmed land west of Lexington Avenue, north of where Highway 96 is and also land on the shore of Turtle Lake back in the 1880s, known as Schifsky’s Beach.
2010 - David and Emilie Guerin: back a half century and more ago, motorists from the Twin Cities driving out Rice Street would drive by the Guerin gas station and confectionary store at Rice Streen and Owasso Boulevard.
2009 - John and Magdalina Kurkowski: the Kirkowski family owned land west of Victoria and County Road E, that land has been developed and is now bisected by I-694.
2008 - Gust and Anna Larson: Gust and Anna were early settlers on Turtle Lake.
2006 - Hilmer and Gladys Seabloom: The Seabloom family settled here at the end of the pioneer era and the beginning of agribusiness.
2005 - Henry and Henrietta Bucher:  The Bucher’s have been residents of this area for six generations. Bucher Park and the Western Pines development were both part of the Bucher farmstead.
2004 - Howard & Virginia Karth Lundgren:  They are truly a Shoreview historical family.  They grew up, married and settled down to live virtually all of their lives in Shoreview.