Shoreview Historical Society

Historical Timeline

Historical Timeline in the development in the City of Shoreview.
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1837 Ojibwe, pressured by the U.S.Government, ceded the land between the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers and signed treaties.  
1849 Minnesota Territory created  
1850 Socrates A. Thompson was the first white settler in what is now Shoreview, settling on the east shore of Turtle Lake, Section 13.  
1851 John Ledgerbaeber, a fellow Old Settler, built the first hotel / stagecoach stop / Half-Way house, half way between Columbus Township and St. Paul.  
1858 Mounds View Township was formed and became a part of Ramsey County. The first Township election was held at S.A. Thompson's home.  
1858 School system was established.  
1860 First School - District 4 - was built in Arden Hills.  Population: 99  
1862 Souix uprising. Many whites who fleed southern Minnesota, resettled in the Shoreview area.  
1883 James J. Hill purchased land that is now North Oaks  
1885 Hill Farm school built adjacent to North Oaks - later became Snail Lake School (District #25) in it's current location.  The School attendance act was passed.  
1886 School District 16 was built on the northwest corner of Hodgson and Tanglewood  
1888 Cardigan Junction was built for the Soo Line Railroad  
1891 The Wilber Lake School was built - District 38  
1895 Turtle Lake School - District 35- was built on the east side of Hodgson Rd and County Rd I.  
1898 Socrates Thompson died from complications of a train derailment at Cardigan Junction  
1900 Cuenca Hospital was built on the northeast shore of Lake Owasso.  It's function was changed to a Tuberculosis Preventorium in 1915.  
1917 Local Milk Producers' 2nd annual picnic near Lake Wabasso and Lake Owasso. Cuenca Station  (North Owasso Blvd/Soo St.) moved to Cardigan Junction.  
1918 Ice boating was popular on Turtle Lake in the winter  
1926 Guerin Gas Station - first gas station in Shoreview  
1926 Stock certificates were issued for Chapman's Amusement Park Club on the north shore of Lake Owasso.  The project was abandoned after the stock marked crashed.  
1930 A dance hall / roadhouse on the north shore of Snail Lake was purchased by Peter MacFarland and the Union Gospel and Gospel Hill Camp was established.  
1930's The Snail Lake Tavern, built in the early 1900's as a stop on the route of the Mounds View Pony Express, becaome a hangout for Chicago area gangsters.  
1930's Local farmers harvested ice from Lake Owaasso for People's Ice & Coal Company.  
1939 Tobins Store was built (Hodgson Rd and Tanglewood)  
1940 Property was acquired for the Twin Cities Army Ammunitions Plant  
1943 The Lake Johanna Fire Department was established in Arden Hills  
1949 Jiffy Market was built by Conrad Seabloom (Hwy 96 and Hodgson Rd-NE corner)  
1957 Shoreview incorporated as a Village  
1958 The Shoreview Roller Rink opened.  
1963 Highway 694 was built through Shoreview.  
1966 The Sandpiper Supper Club opened (formerly Tobin's) at Hodgson Rd and Tanglewood.  
1968 The YMCA was built in Shoreview  
1971 TV towers collapsed in Shoreview (CR F between Lexington and Victoria) killing 7 workers  
1973 Dairy Queen was built on an open field by Norm Esperson. (NW Hwy 96 & 49)  
1974 Shoreview became a City  
1977 Kozlack's Restaurant opened (formerly the Sandpiper Supper Club) at Hodgson Rd and Tanglewood  
1980 Shoreview Mall was built on Hwy 96, next to the Dairy Queen  
1990 The Shoreview Community Center and City Hall opened  
1991 The Slice of Shoreview was founded  
1991 The Shoreview Historical Society was formed  
2018 The Art and Edna Larson house (NE corner of Lexington and Co. Rd. I) becomes the official home of the Shoreview Historical Society.