Shoreview Historical Society
The Shoreview Historical Society usually presents four membership programs/events per year.  These include a Heritage Family presentation and participation in the Slice of Shoreview, and generally two other programs of interest to the membership.  Following are a listing of programs presented, starting in 1992.
2018 Jan Free SHS Member Breakfast
  Jan "The Hunt for Cass Gilbert-designed Furniture" by Natilie Heneghan (Co-sponsored by the Shoreview Library and SHS)
  Apr Heritage Family: Sven and Charlotte Lundberg Family
  Apr A Minnesota Bestiary:  Fictional Creatures of Minnesota (Co-sponsored by the Shoreview Library and SHS)
  May "Canoes: A Natural History in North America" by Mark Neuzil (Co-sponsored by the Shoreview Library and SHS)
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
2017 Mar Archaeologist Jeremy Nieow
  Apr Heritage Family / Larson / Annual Meeting
  May History of fashion - Jean McElvain - Goldstein Gallery (Co-sponsored by the Shoreview Library and SHS)
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
  Sept Booya and Beyond: French-Canadian Influences in Ramsey County - Virgil Benoit (Co-sponsored by the Little Canada Historical Society and SHS)
  Oct John Cartright - Photographer
2016 Jan Lake Region Hockey Assn; 2) Suburbia Revisited
  Apr Author Paul Maccabee (SHS 25th Anniversary)
  Jul Slice of Shoreview (Making our 25th)
  Oct Open House:  Larson / LePak + Guerin Gas Station
  Nov Lee Burtman Author:  Fighting for Delphine
2015 Feb Boy Scouts / Shoreview Historical Look
  Apr Heritage Family / Hans Eric and Louise Nord
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
  Nov Jim Radford / Photographer of Shoreview Scenes
2014 Jan Kozlak's Corner:  Now and Then
  Apr Heritage Family - Cyril and Agnes DeMars
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Circle S Ranch of Years Ago
2013 Jan Family Research / Adele Morris Ramsey Libraries
  Apr Heritage Family / Trojanowski / Annual Meeting
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Early Railroad Days in Ramsey Countty / State of Minn Honoring Seniors 80 or over / Vocality Quartet
2012 Jan Roseville Author Kitty Gogins
  Apr Heritage Family - Hugh and Alma Cunningham / Annual Meeting
  Jul Snalil Lake School Time Capsule
  Oct Ribbon Cutting at Guerin's restored station at the LePak/Sarson farm site
2011 Apr Heritage Family - Shifsky
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Girl Scout Shoreview Seniors Interview Project
2010 Jan Shoreview Roller Rink Memories / Shoreview skaters of the past
  Apr Heritage Family - David Guerin
  Jul Slice of Shoreview / Shoreview Parks
2009 Jan St Paul Carnival Memories
  Apr Heritge Family - John Kurkowski
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Ghost Stories about Shoreview - Author Michael Norman
2008 Jan Heritage Family - Gust Larson
  Apr Annual Meeting
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
2007 Jan Assisting with the 50th Anniversary of Shoreview
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
  Nov Shoreview Reflections - Author Arthor Klobas
2006 Jan Antique Appraisals Roadshow
  Apr Shritage Family - Seabloom / Annual Meeting
  Jul Slice of Shoreview Exhibit - Heritage Family History - Seabloom; Sorenso
  Nov  Local Societies Directors - Prof Langram, Macalester College Speaker
2005 Jan Antiques Roadshow with experts
  Apr Heritage Family - H/H Bucher
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Art Larson House and LJFD History
2004 Jan Native American Arts - C. Vesley
  Apr Honoring Seniors, 80 years and up
  Jul Heritage Family - Lundgrens - at Sice of Shoreview
  Oct Genealogist Darlene Joyce
2003 Jan Nancy Cyr - Collection Manager of Museums, UMN
  Apr Area Tree Reforestation
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Genealogist Darlene Joyce
2002 Jan Antique / Trash / Treasure
  Apr Remembering J.J. Christensen
  Jul Picnic - New Gosple Mission / Open Hs
  Oct Genealogist Darlene Joyce
2001 Jan Antique / Trash / Treasure - Expert Clare Erickson
  Apr Harriet Bishop - 1st Teacher
  Jul Picnic - Arsenal / Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Fort Snelling Pioneer Days
2000 Jan Antique / Trash / Treasure
  Apr Gangster Musical
  Jul Lake Owasso Picnic / Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Early Native American Culture
1999 Jan Antique / Trash / Treasure
  Apr Salute Shoreview  Seniors 80 and up
  Jul Turtle Lake Pictures - John Klobas / Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Salute to Veterans - Shoreview citizens
1998 Jan Minnesota Preservation
  Apr Author Verlie Miller
  Jul Union Gospel Picnic / Union Gospel History / Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Local societies / networking, book publications
1997 Jan Members Idea / Smorgasbord
  Apr Antique Hunting - Elon Piche
  Jul Snail Lake Picnic - Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Shoreview 40th Anniversary Video
1996 Jan Other Local Societies Show and Tell
  Apr Neighborhood History - Del Meath / Lake Owasso Residence
  Jul Slice of Shoreview / Potluck Picnic - Long Lake Reginal Park tour of New Brighton restored Depot
  Oct Politics / Election Panel
1995 Jan History of Dolls - Claire Erickson - Snail Lake School History
  Apr Potluck - Krebsbach's Home - Cardigan Junction Tour
  Jul Slice of Shoreview
1994 Apr Neighborhood History
  Jul Potluck Picnic - Lake Owasso Walkiing Tour
  Oct Cloth Preservation - Nancy Cyr
1993 Apr Twin Cities Arsenal -  Barb Gertsema
  Jul Potluck Picnic at Island Lake / Slice of Shoreview
  Oct Incarnation Church History - Jean Holmberg
1992 Aug Bus Tour of Shoreview
  Sep Tour of Minnesota History Center