Shoreview Historical Society

Oral Histories

The Shoreview Historical Society has been conducting and recording oral histories of some of our long-time residents.  These recordings are important because it gives us a picture of how people lived as our city was developing. We learn about their work, schools, neighborhoods, organizations and churches. The most important part about the history of our community is its people. We are greatful that so many residents have given us their stories.
If you would like to be interviewed for our records, or know anyone who's story should be heard, please contact Bob Minton at 651-295-1404 or
Name Audio / Video History Written History
Betty Connors
Ron Dixon    
Art and Ann Dehn    
Karen Eckman    
Bill Farrell    
June and Bob Fischer    
Bill Foley    
Greg and Carol Gross    
Lance Hill    
Virginia Lundgren    
Karen O'Conner    
Jim Olson    
Donna Pfeilstreicker    
George Robinson    
Mark Satt    
Bill Seabloom    
Jim Seabloom    
Lucena Slaten    
Peggy Wedell    
Barb Wegleitner    
Marion Wocken