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General Contact:
Board Members
Jacci Krebsbach - President  
Lu Slaten - Vice President & Slice of Shoreview Booth
Howard Statz - Treasurer 
Pam Videen - Secretary & Website
Bob Minton - Membership & Oral Histories
Carol Gross - Website & Slice of Shoreview Booth
Ann Dehn - Newsletter

Introducing the Board Members

Ann Dehn:  A former elementary school teacher, became interested in the Shoreview’s history while hearing stories of Dehn family gatherings at Grandpa Dehn’s cabin on Turtle lake during the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. In 1941, her husband’s parents purchased 10 acres of land adjacent to Snail Lake School where they raised their family. This brought stories of the early days of Snail Lake School and Mounds View High School. Her sister-in-law was a member of the first graduating class of Mounds View High School. 

Ann considers the addition of the Lepak/Larson house as a home for the Shoreview Historical Society an exciting leap for the Society. Working with board members to gather the society’s collections from over the years is an education itself. The initial work of sorting, filing and cataloging the collection will culminate in a lower level farmhouse museum and upper level offices — certainly, a satisfying civic involvement. 

Carol Gross:  My first experience in Mounds View Township came when I was 3 years old, and my parents moved to the north end of Turtle Lake, just a block east of the Lepak/Larson house. Shoreview did not exist at that time, nor did most of the homes and businesses that now populate the city. I remember swimming in Turtle Lake watching tracer bullets in the Twin Cities Arsenal, and a lot of open land. I attended Snail Lake school for kindergarten and first grade, but my parents ended up living in Roseville during most of my education. I moved back to Turtle Lake with my husband Greg in 1971 and we rented a house a few blocks from parents’ former home. We then purchased a home near the south end of Turtle Lake where our children grew up, next door to Bill Seabloom (a major Shoreview-area historian). Greg’s father George Gross grew up living on Snail Lake (during the gangster era), and George’s sister married into the Grudnoske family who owned a farm on Hwy. 96, west of Lexington, and also quite a few acres that later became part of the Twin Cities Arsenal. An interesting family coincidence is that my father-in-law, my children, and I all went to Snail Lake School for part of our childhood elementary school years.. 

I joined the Shoreview Historical Society (SHS) about 3 years ago, and have been helping with the website, working on the SHS Booth for the Slice of Shoreview, and more recently helping to move into the new SHS home, the Lepak/Larson house. Working on the SHS booth has given me an opportunity to look through many old photos and plat maps, and to learn much more about the history of the area and its people, as well as meeting many interesting people who have similar interests in history, and who have their own stories to tell. 

Jacci Krebsbach:  Like Mayor Sandy Martin and fellow SHS Board member Lu Slaten, I was born and raised in Shoreview. For the first 10 years I lived in the Rustic Place neighborhood near Cardigan Junction - when there was still a depot there!! 

In the mid 1950’s, my parents moved to County Road E and in the 60’s we watched 694 being constructed - right thru the back 4 acres of my parent’s property. 

I’ve always had an interest in History - never the dates but always the stories of the people. I was a charter member of theSHSin1991, answering the call of then Mayor Dick Wedell who called a meeting for History Lovers!! I was the Vice President in the early days and have been President ever since. 

I love our presence at Slice of Shoreview and I also loved working on all our publications and videos. Interviews, stories, visits and programs always make proud to be a member of this community - the community of Shoreview. 

Bob Minton:  I always enjoyed reading historical works, especially biographies. Before moving to Shoreview in the year 2000, I had served on the board of the Sherburne County Historical Society in Becker, MN. 

have done some volunteering for the Minnesota Historical Society and became member of the Shoreview Human Rights commission. As my term was coming to an end, I jumped at a chance to join this board. 

When it was suggested that I conduct oral histories, I found there is no better way to learn an enormous amount about the history of our local community. I have also made an effort to increase our membership and enjoy coordinating the membership breakfast. 

Lucena Slaten: Has served as Shoreview Historical Society Board member for many years. 

Born and raised in Shoreview before it was Shoreview, Lucena is the granddaughter of H.H. Chapman of Chapman’s Lake Owasso, circa late 1800’s. She enjoys the “quilt” of history that now represents Shoreview and delights in sharing all historical discoveries. 

Lucena is a retired Health/Safety Instructor from the airline industry and from the National Safety Council; and resides on property that was once owned and developed by her grandfather, H.H. Chapman. 

Howard Statz: A new member of the SHS Board of Directors, and was chosen Treasurer following the departure of Don Follett, who held the position for many years. 

He has been a Shoreview resident for over 31 years and appreciates the quality of life here. Parks and trails are a highly valued part of our city, and they are |regularly included in biking and walking outings. 

The SHS has been an important source for learning our past, and features programs of interest that connect us to events, places and people making up our history. He has been a familiar face at many of the programs and events of the SHS and appreciates the knowledge and dedication of the leadership. 

As a youth he was raised on a dairy farm near Foley, MN. That farming background forms a connection to the agricultural history of the Shoreview area. Seeing historical structures, photos, etc., of Shoreview bring back fond memories of years on the Foley home farm. 

Railroad trains are also of interest and he has tracks running within a couple of blocks of home, so there is a regular rumble of passing engines and rail cars. The historic Cardigan Junction once stood within a few blocks of home as well, and he wishes that landmark had survived. Fortunately, he has a painting of the structure that was acquired through on of the SHS feature programs. 

Pam Videen: I have been a board member, webmaster, and collections manager, for the Shoreview Historical Society for quite a few years. I grew up in Shoreview and graduated from Mounds View High School. My dad built our house which is just south of Snail Lake Road on Rice Street though I no longer live in Shoreview, 

I am very interested in preserving the history of our city. I am very excited about the new programs we will be able to present now that we have our new space, the Lepak/Larson House. I want to remind everyone that we are always looking for photos and 3D objects for our collections. Remember, history happened yesterday, so if you have anything we should be keeping for the future, let us know. 


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