Shoreview Historical Society


So you didn’t do well in history while in school. That’s okay. The Shoreview Historical Society (SHS) loves you anyway. SHS has been around since 1991, celebrating the various events – big and small, historical and otherwise  in our community, looking all the while to our past. You’d be surprised the things we’ve found out – about all the different folks of days gone by.
Learning about Shoreview’s history can be fun, especially if you are part of it. It’s not exactly like studying the Roman Empire or the Dead Sea Scrolls, but through a group of dedicated people in our Society you are able to delve into areas of your interest about our community
Membership Programs
We think our members are important. Once a quarter we have membership programs where speakers explore a range of subjects, such as: genealogy, our early settlers, early agriculture, governmental events, antique collecting, and others. Authors and historians are regular speakers and members are invited to participate – and share their ideas.
Society Projects
We keep busy! We have a lot of activities and – with your help – will have more. SHS directs and oversees a range of projects, and all members are encouraged to participate in SHS activities.
  • Oral Histories - Long-time residents are interviewed, and their stories are collected to provide a richer fabric in our growing community. Not too long ago, cows grazed much of Shoreview, and there were just a handful of businesses.
  • Tree Dedications - We encourage and help facilitate a tree dedication program with Friends of the St. Paul-Ramsey County Parks and Recreation.Trees are purchased to honor the memory of a family member, living or deceased.
  • Collections - Whenever possible, the SHS helps facilitate the acquisition of materials representative of the community and its citizen’s lives. This may include photographs, portions of significant buildings, historical records and early family artifacts.
  • Community - The SHS participates in various community functions and communicates news of the organization. This includes maintaining an informative display in the Shoreview Community Center, highlighting special events, and publishing a quarterly newsletter. SHS has produced a video on the city’s history and collaborated on a recent book, Images of America – Shoreview Minnesota, written by SHS member Verna Rusler. We also network with local historical societies.

Operating Year: January - December 2020

Board of Directors
President: Ms. Jacci Krebsbach
Membership: Mr. Robert Minton
Treasurer: Mr. Howard Statz
Membership Chair: Mr. Robert Minton
Newsletter Editor: Mr. Don Follett
Webmaster: Ms. Pam Videen
Webmaster: Ms. Carol Gross

Contact Phone Number(s)

Jacci Krebsbach - (651) 303-4667