Shoreview Historical Society

French-Canadian Culture

Shoreview Library
September 21 at 5:30.
The Little Canada Historical Society and SHS are co-sponsors for a program on French-Canadian culture.  
From booya to beignets, historic ties to French-Canadian culture are strong throughout Ramsey County, especially in the communities of Little Canada and Vadnais Heights.
Come join historian Virgil Benoit to learn more about our area's very special French-Canadian history and his plans to do a documentary film on the subject.

$50 Prize for Winning Historical Shoreview Photo

Bag of moneyA prize of $50 will be given to the best Shoreview-related historical photo contributed by SHS members or the general public and selected for display at the Slice of Shoreview, July 17- 19. The photo may be of an old farm site, a family picnic, an early Shoreview business or any other scene from the Shoreview’s past that you find interesting. A SHS panel will select the best photo; photos should be accompanied by a short description of the scene and forwarded not later than July 15 to Don Follett via email: . or call Tel: 651-490- 7510 for more information. Hard copy photos may be sent to Don at 2555 Hamline Ave. N. #320, Roseville, MN 55113. They will be copied and the original returned to you.

$1,200 Grant from Shoreview Community Foundation

SHS President Jacci Krebsbach, left, accepts a $1,200 grant from the Shoreview Community Foundation, with two foundation members, Sue Knudson, center and  Nancy Hite helping hold the check. The presentation was made at the at a June 14  band concert at the Shoreview Commons Pavilion. The grant is for SHS's work with the new Shoreview Library's historical picture project.

Historical Photo Display

The Shoreview Historical is proud to announce that there will be historical photos on display at the new library in the near future!!!  Stay tuned for future updates.
New Library
The grand opening of the new Shoreview Library will take place this Saturday, January 28th, from 10 am to 5 pm.  Included in the inaugural ceremonies is an exhibit by Gallery 96 members titled "New Beginnings".  32 works of art will grace the new gallery wall in the library's Community Room.  The hanging system for that wall was donated to the library by Gallery 96 through funds raised last summer at two raku pottery events held during the Shoreview Farmers Market.

2017 SHS Heritage Family

The 2017 SHS Heritage Family will be the Larson Family of Turtle Lake.  The central figure to be celebrated is Dr. Eva-Jane Ostergren Larson, whose great-grandfather Swenson, built a large summer home on the east shore of Turtle Lake in 1913, and subsequently a stone cottage in1930.  The Heritage family will be honored on April 23 at the Shoreview Community Center.
**There will be a short member meeting before the program. There will be an election for two open board positions that will be held at 1:45- 2 pm - results announced at 2:10.**

Slice of Shoreview 2017
"Visit the Shoreview Historical Society booth at Slice of Shoreview - July 21-23, 2017, at Island Lake Park - Celebrating 25 years of documenting Shoreview’s History”

Oral Histories

If anyone would like to be interviewed for our oral history project, please contact board member Bob Minton (651-295-1404 or

Shoreview Memories...

In anticipation of our 25th anniversary, we are looking for your memories of life in Shoreview.  If you would like to add a memory or two, please let us know.  The memories can be long or short, we just want to capture as many as possible.  To pique your interest check out a childhood memory from Doug Jenness.