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Slice of Shoreview

Slice of ShoreviewSlice of Shoreview - July 23-25, 2021

Island Lake County Park
3611 Victoria St N
Shoreview, MN 55126

Larson Home - New home for SHS

The Larson home, previously owned by Art and Edna Larson, has recently become the new home for the Shoreview Historical Society.  The second floor will be used to provide office and storage space for the SHS.  The home is located on the northwest corner of Lexington Ave. and County Rd. I, near Turtle Lake School and the Fire Station.
The main floor of the Larson home will eventually become a museum featuring a period of time when the Larsons lived in the home.  The Shoreview Historical Society would like thank the Shoreview Community Foundation, that has provided a $5000 grant to cover an intern who will help with research and setting up the museum.

Historical Photo Display

The Shoreview Historical is proud to announce that there are historical photos on display at the new library.  
New Library
The grand opening of the new Shoreview Library took place January 28, 2018.  Included in the inaugural ceremonies is an exhibit by Gallery 96 members titled "New Beginnings".  32 works of art  grace the new gallery wall in the library's Community Room.  The hanging system for that wall was donated to the library by Gallery 96 through funds raised last summer at two raku pottery events held during the Shoreview Farmers Market.

Oral Histories

If anyone would like to be interviewed for our oral history project, please contact board member Bob Minton (651-295-1404 or

Shoreview Memories...

We are looking for your memories of life in Shoreview.  If you would like to add a memory or two, please let us know.  The memories can be long or short, we just want to capture as many as possible.  To pique your interest check out a childhood memory from Doug Jenness.